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"The 5 Game-Changing Skills They Don't Teach You In High School Sports!" 

HELLO, I'm Susan VanScoyoc, PhD

I Train Female High School Athletes To Master The Mental Skills Of The Game They Love

When athletes come to me, they're usually feeling...

  • Defeated by pre-game nerves 

    It's hard to focus & have fun when you want to throw up! 

  • Frozen in self-doubt that makes them hold back

    Physical talent can't shine when you're afraid to make mistakes. 

  • Confused about why they CHOKE on game day

    Why can't you consistently play at your peak when it really counts?  

  • Exhausted from having so much to prove

    Or at least that's what your brain tells you...killing your confidence.

That's where I come in.  
You deserve a strong mind to go with your strong body. 

What If You Could TRANSFORM Your Mental Game 


  • Channel Fear Into Focus 

    Tame your butterflies & play through anxiety

  • Ditch the Destructive Chatter

    Master positive talk that will build your confidence

  • Stop Letting Game-Day Pressure Define How You Play

    Train your brain to show up fearless every. single. time.

  • Stay Focused On Your Goals

    Fiercely protect why you play & who you play for

That's what I help female athletes do. 

As Your Performance Coach, I Will Train You To: 


  • Maximize Your Peak Performance Zone 

    Knowing when to hype up or calm down is the secret sauce! 

  • Recover From Shaky Starts & Bad Plays                  

    Master Reset Rituals that help you move on.

  • Take Control of Emotions That Ruin The Fun                  

    Channel fear & frustration into energy & determination.

  • Motivate Yourself Like The Pros                  

    Craft signature routines that will inspire your competitive drive.

    Meet Your New Performance Coach

    Susan VanScoyoc, Ph.D.

    I am a Performance Coach JUST for female athletes & the mom of two competitive teens--board games are rough at our house! 


    My 20 years of experience as a therapist means I know how bad the mental side of youth sports can get & just what tools you need to stop letting your mind mess with your talent. 


    You should also know that I am...

    • The Ultimate Team Mom

      Find me for all the ties,  gum, and cash to buy that $9.00 smoothie!

    • Lover of Sweets

      Good chocolate is a must-have to celebrate wins & soothe defeats. 

    • Embarrassingly Social

      Or so my kids tell me. Connecting with others is my superpower & I use it often so people know they matter. 

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